Core – Uvgard LL

Nano-technology innovated formulation that helps to protect fabric and any absorptive/porous materials from water and stain. The coating is invisible and will never alter surface color, texture, appearance at all. In addition of that, Core-Permeable material will not seal up the fabric surface thence the fabric is still ‘breathable’ even after coated.

Core – Uvgard LL



Core – UVGARD LL is formulated with highest standards of solution which protects your painted body with ultra-thin glass filming that even small blemish doesn’t adhere to your coated surface easily. BG-S60 doesn’t deteriorated by weathering nor ultraviolet rays up to 5 years, together with ultra-smooth surface finishing resulting super water repellent and highest quality of glossiness

Core – UVGARD LL Benefits:

a. Super hydrophobic and oleophobic

b. Enhance glossiness

c. Smooth finishing

d. Organic stains resistant

e. Harsh weather resistant

f. Ultra non-stick properties

g. Chemicals resistant

h. Invisible layer

i. User friendly

Recommended Application

a. Car lacquered surfaces

b. Painted surfaces

c. Motorbike body

d. Bicycle

e. Stainless steel


Physical Clear liquid (Solvent based)
Colour Transparent
Odour Odour
Finishing Glossy
Durability Up to 5 years
Film Thickness 2 – 2.5 Micron
Hardness > 8.5 H
Contact Angle > 100 degree
Coverage 300m2 / Litre
Shelf Life Sealed 18 months / Opened 6 months
Curing Time 12 hours drying / 2 days fully cure
Layer Multiple to achieve higher glossiness & hardness
Applications Wipe than buff

Additional Information

  • Packing : Available in 50ml & 500ml sealed glass bottle or 4 lit & 10 Lit plastic jar..
  • Handling : Shake before use. Prevent leakage by insert inner cap every time after use.
  • Storage : Prevent direct sun light and store between 70˚-90 ˚F (21 ˚-32 ˚C).